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We have a habit of being afraid of what we don’t know. We become fearful of those returning from combat because our imaginations run wild. We often see gruff and cold warriors who can’t be emotionally hurt or broken.

That is a lie— we can be.

This is the story Hollywood routinely leaves out, it is the reason why suicide has been the leading cause of death for veterans in recent years.

The war stories have been told, the coming home stories haven’t. This is the true story of a warrior who finds himself face to face with the Taliban, only to lose everything he loved when he got home. Two years after war, he set out to the Himalayas alone to find the lost pieces, finding himself abandoned on a glacier, dying of hypothermia.

It is the story back to peace, a front seat ride for those who can’t understand why we’re different after war, and why our marriages fail. It is the darkness many warriors never speak of, brought to light. 

“A wise man learns from the mistakes of others, a smart man learns from his own, and a fool never learns.” Which one are you?



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